Green Plus Liquid Catalyst
A Catalyst for all Fuels

  Saves Fuel     I     Decreases Emissions     I     Reduces engine noise 


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For a realistic picture of fuel consumption with Green Plus, there is no alternative to an on-road test. The SAE J 1321 test enables all relevant parameters to be met.



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Rail Traffic

The objective of DB is "to be a convincing environmental pioneer." Applications, such as Green Plus, which reduce emissions and fuel consumption, are therefore taken seriously at DB.


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Heavy fuel oil combustion causes major pollutant emissions. Optimising the combustion process with Green Plus reduces this considerably.



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Emissions caused by harmful dust particles from inner-city construction activities demonstrate similar levels to those from total road traffic. Green Plus reduces particles.


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The use of Green Plus in motorised equipment has a positive effect on environmental performance in agriculture.


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Passenger Transport

The "Euro standards" have not yet had the success hoped for with regard to lowering actual nitrogen dioxide emissions. Green Plus reduces NO2 emissions.


"Global demand for automobiles will not exceed one million -
if only due to the lack of available chauffeurs."

Gottlieb Daimler, inventor, 1901

 As we are all aware, the history of mobility took a different course.  

Global vehicle ownership is currently running at more than 1 billion and is likely to increase to more than 2 billion by 2030. Irrespective of the globally applicable pollutant limits for hydrocarbon driven combustion engines, we should all be starting to grasp that it cannot continue in this way. Humankind ultimately has to become conscious of its responsibility for improving the environmental situation. Each individual can contribute to an improvement of their environmental balance by making various small changes. One of the many options is the use of appropriate fuel additives.

For years, oil-refining group companies have been mixing a multitude of chemicals with our fuels to optimise them when leaving the factory. The effectiveness of these various additives is undisputed. Some independent scientists and inventors also previously managed to create products that reduce the output of emissions and fuel consumption, and achieve a better performance yield with regard to the fuel available.

Green Plus enjoys unique characteristics among these, as it has
a positive effect on the combustion process, based on its nature as a true catalyst.




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